Forex Signals For Trend Traders



Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m completely new to Forex, will I still be able to profit from the team?
Absolutely, we have training in the VIP section that will take you from zero to pip monster covering everything you
need to get started and get profitable taking our signals and your own trades.
How do i receive your signals?
We send out signals both via email and whatsapp notification so you’re always updated on the running trades.
I don’t have much time, can I still take your trades?
100% – we do Swing trades which means we analyse a complete setup with SL + TP and an exact run down of our
prediction of future price action so you can jump into the trade at any time with full confidence.
What type of signals do you send?
Currently we are only trading Swing setups… less risk, bigger reward and allowed everybody to jump in even if you’re
on different time zones or can’t check your computer more than a couple times a day.
Do you provide training or just signals?
On top of the most precise signals in the world you will also get over my shoulder HD training while I trade the markets
like and explain our system step by step under all types of market conditions… you will become a pip monster yourself.
How many pips a day can I make from your signals?
The philosophy we teach at Maxima is you should take your 20 pips profit a day and walk away. Let compound growth
work it’s magic in your account. Normally our swings collect between 80-200 pips.
How much money do I need to start?
We recommend you start with at least $1,000 in order to bring a significant return. It’s possible to start from $100
though and just grow it trade by trade into a bigger account.
How much money can I make with your signals?
This will be different for each individual and will be completely based on your account size and how many pips you
collect per day. For explanation purposes 20 pips on a $1000 account taking 10% risk per trade = $40
What broker should I use?
Inside the training section we will recommend you the best broker for your region.
Is there a risk I will lose money?
Forex is a high risk class investment, it carries high risk with it’s high reward potential.

Do you offer trials or refunds?
We are not a signals service, we are a family. When you join I will take you under my wing and turn you into one of the
best traders in the world… we have proven time and time again that we are the most accurate traders in the world so at
this point we do not offer any more trial offers other than a Free Webinar on weekends. We also do not do refunds.